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From landscapes to …

“Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?
Pablo Narode
“Praising the bows after the storm”.

Still life and …

“Don’t oppress a stranger,
Since you yourself know the feelings of a stranger,
For you too were foreigners in the land of Egypt. —
Towards the order of Passover

nature scenes …

Today I dedicate this painting to the memory of a blessing, of my dear friend Eliani Bloomberg..

About Shira

My parents were both painters. I grew up watching their artistry and going to exhibitions. It feels like home; the smell of paint, the brushes, the textures of canvases, the linseed oil and the stench of turpentine.

In 1971, I was accepted to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. The instructors were working artists themselves. I was able to receive a good solid base for my art there. I earned a scholarship based on the artistic potential of my student work. From the College for Creative Studies I acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting with an emphasis on printmaking.

From an early age I began journaling and painting my life. The words in my journals became poetry. Now I partner the images in my paintings with my poems. I scratch and emboss the words into the paint. My poems are not meant to describe my images rather enhance them. My verses add to the concept of the work. Ideally they are meant to be listened to while viewing the painting.

I begin each painting on an ultra smooth surface which takes several coats of gesso on canvas or wood. Then I plan the work entirely in charcoal and pastels before I start painting with oils or acrylics. The painting starts with a photograph. I paint exactly what I see. Then I continue and see where it takes me. I love to paint. Here is where I soar and lose all sense of time. I become so involved with my work. Then I add textures and my poetry with molding paste to the painting.

For who is interested

Presently I teach privately in my studio helping students develope their portfolios for admission to a good Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

Better Together

In 1980 my husband, Michael and I immigrated to Israel with group of people called a garin. We were Garin Ein Dor who came to live on Kibbutz Ein Dor at the foot of Mt. Tabor. Here we have raised two bright and beautiful daughters. I have exhibited in Detroit, New York and Tel Aviv, as well as various kibbutzim in Israel.

In 1982 the kibbutz divided an old chicken coop into studios for the resident artists, artisans and photographers. The kibbutz renamed the building the Artists Chicken Coop. There among the cows, horses and chickens is my studio. Since I came to Kibbutz Ein Dor I have taught art and painting. From the children in the kindergarten to the centurians in the nursing home I teach the development of imagination. I have contributed to the cultural life of the kibbutz not only by teaching but by painting the scenery for countless holidays and murals all over the community. I love the serenity of the Jezreel valley where we live in peace and harmony with our Arab neighbors. I have taught groups of Arab and Jewish children ages 7 through 11, from surrounding villages, art and painting. It has been a lesson for all of us in culture and humanity.

The artist, painter & poet

I am an artist, painter and poet.

‘On us the dawn of trust begins.
Then at least we’ll reconcile, when peace will smile.
And peace will smile.
The way light drenches our foes, but quenches a single rose.’

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    Marc TessonMarc Tesson
    13:52 25 Apr 23
    So many beautiful paintings. Also the poems are beautiful written.I love your new website. Great job on the builder. Nice and clear and everything in one place.